From design to maintenance, we provide all-round manufacturing automation service. We are an experienced partner in starting new operations as well as updating existing processes. Our mechanics work closely with Rodstein R&D, having the expertise in setting up, maintaining and servicing flat bar machinery as well as training users.


To keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly, we provide appropriate maintenance services. The goal is to keep your machines up-to-date to ensure the highest possible production capacity.


We have significant experience in manufacturing automation, flat bar processing and production planning. Our experts provide production analysis and training in metal processing and operations management. All geared towards making your manufacturing processes more efficient.

Special Machines

Besides punching and bending machines, we provide various versatile options to copper and aluminum busbar manufacturing. Our special applications include barcode readers, software for reliable tool management, loading devices, tapping, part marking, automatic scrap sorting, clamping packages, tooling solutions to support setup time reduction and RodLEAN packages to ensure the best possible utilization of the equipment.

Pre-owned Machines

Rodstein sells, maintains and services Akseli Lahtinen and Lahtisen Kone flat bar punching and bending machines as well as a range of flat bar machinery. Please contact us to find out more about machines currently available.